Now you’re engaged, where do you start with your stationery?

Congratulations you are engaged, but when should you start thinking about stationery?

Welcome to the enchanting world of stationery and the first glimpse your guests will get of what your special day is going to be.

The super lovely Jayne from Fairytale Wedding Stationery answers a few Q & A’s that are essential in your planning:-

When Should I order my invitations?

I cannot stress how important it is to book in for your invitations/stationery ASAP!

Just like you would book your cake, dress, photographer etc in advance so you need to do exactly the same for your invites.

You should start looking at stationery choices and styles ASAP, attend local wedding fairs and see what you like the look of and what is right for you. Please remember suppliers can get booked up 2 years in advance.

Your stationery sets the tone to bring your entire day together.

Should we send out Save The Dates?

Save the Dates are really a personal preference.

If you are getting married on a weekday, then I would say 100% as this gives your guests a little more time to book days off, arrange accommodation etc but again you may have guests that work weekends.

Also if you are a Sunday wedding, guests may need to book the Monday off also.

They do provide a lovely little bit of cheer in between you getting engaged, setting the date and sending out your invites.

If you want to send out Save The Dates then these should be sent out 12-14 months in advance.

When Should I send out my Invitations?

Again the “norm” is 4-6 months before your wedding , do not be pressured into thinking you need them out super early.

This will also depend on when your venue will need your final numbers which will determine when your guests RSVP by.

Should you include a gift poem?

Why not?

Look back 10 years and the “norm” was to produce a gift list.

But what happens if you already live together, and would prefer a honeymoon or would like to put money towards a new house.

By putting in a poem of your choice asking for a money contribution you are giving your guests to contribute what they would like to.

You can also add a poem to just say you would rather have the most precious gift of all, their presence rather than presents and have your loved ones celebrate your day.

If you would like to find out more contact Fairytale Wedding Stationery

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