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Before you get engaged, it would be easy to think of a bouquet as a bunch of flowers a florist will sort. But they’re so much more than that! They can be scented to bring back memories, styled to complement a colour scheme or theme. Use my floral design ideas to create one-of-a-kind, truly personal Cornwall wedding flowers, beginning with your bouquet.

Weight for it.

It’s easy to underestimate just how many stems will make up your bouquet when considering floral design ideas. That’s especially true if you opt for a large or oversized style. This will look beautifully abundant but also contain a lot more blooms, meaning the part you hold is a lot thicker and it weighs a lot more too.

Ask your florist to show you how different bouquets feel before finalising your floral design ideas. You want it to look lovely but to feel good too. Remember that your bridesmaids needn’t always have the same size bouquet as you, too.

Ship shape.

Before you begin to plan your Cornwall wedding flowers, it’d be easy to imagine that a bouquet is simply a bouquet. Why would you need to get to grips with floral design ideas? But spend 10 minutes leafing through the glossy wedding magazines and you’ll discover a wealth of different styles.

Romantic bunches of fragrant garden roses. Bohemian, asymmetric designs with long stems flaring out in all directions. Or cascading bouquets with ivy, delphiniums and wisteria that trail towards your toes. Take your time planning your Cornwall wedding flowers and get to know all your options before making the big decision for your floral design ideas. I’ll work one-to-one with you to help you get it just right.

Matters of the heart.

Your wedding day is the pinnacle of your love story so far, and the beginning of your future to come. It’s a day you’re going to look back on. A day that overflows with emotion. Take inspiration from that for your floral design ideas.

Perhaps there are flowers that already mean a lot to you. They could be the ones you received on your first Valentine’s together, or your favourite flowers from childhood. They could even be blooms that remind you of someone who can’t be there on the day. The best wedding floral design ideas marry style and sentimentality for a bespoke and heartfelt bouquet.

Heaven scent

By including English garden blooms in my Devon and Cornwall wedding flowers as much as possible, I can also add fragrance by the bucket load.

Today, bouquets have become totally dreamy features and a beautiful accessory, but hundreds of years ago they first made their way into weddings to act as a perfume. And while you won’t need to mask any less pretty scents, you can still take full advantage of floral fragrance with careful floral design ideas.

Look to the heavily scented old roses and delicate sweet peas. Jasmine is another beauty that brings a treat for all your senses. And if you want something a little unusual, try chocolate cosmos, which does what it says on the tin!

Three tiers

The concept of tiers doesn’t only apply to your cake, it works for your Cornwall wedding flowers too. That’s because the very best floral design ideas combine different levels of flowers and foliage.

You have your show-stoppers, like ranunculus in spring, peonies in early summerroses in summer or dahlias in autumn.  Then you also have your fillers, such as blossom, lisianthus and feverfew.

Finally, you add your third tier – the spillers. This could be fronds of greenery that reach landwards. Or it could be yet more blooms, like amaranthus or loosely bound hollyhocks and foxgloves.

Brimming with inspiration and want to get it down on paper before you forget? Just get in touch and let’s talk blooms!

Abundance, whimsy and delight – that’s the signature of wedding & event florist The Velvet Daisy. Helen’s imaginative approach to floral design and choice of quintessentially English garden blooms elevates your event flowers from decorative pieces to elements that infuse life, excitement and romance into your celebration. Dividing her time between Devon, Cornwall and London, Helen works passionately to create bespoke ways with blooms, exclusively designed for you.

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