Choosing Your Wedding Footwear – What’s to Consider?

Whether you’re a heels girl, one who loves her flats or perhaps a girl who prefers to be barefoot, what you put on your feet has a huge impact on how your wedding dress looks and your ability to move about freely.

We asked couture dress designer Christine Trewinnard for her expert advice on what to consider.  Here’s what she has to say…

“I am a little obsessed when it comes to hems.

Having a dress individually designed and created turns your unique vision into reality and the hem is the finishing touch at the last fitting.

If your dress is full length, your hem should glide just above the floor, with your shoes peaking out ahead. Too long and you’ll worry about tripping, consequently looking down for sure steps. That’s not good, as you want to stand tall as you enter the room. Too short and suddenly the elegance is gone.

Finding your shoes as early as possible is key. Firstly, you want to be comfortable and may need to wear new shoes about your home to break them in. Secondly, we stand differently in different styles, affecting the balance of the dress. Finally, think about any decoration on the shoe itself, will it catch the hem of a lace or tulle skirt?

The hem of a shorter dress is just as important, none of us are perfectly symmetrical. I have seen hems too short, too long and totally uneven. Balance and proportion are massively important, and there are certain points of the leg where a hem is most flattering. Again when you’re having a dress made all of these elements are taken into consideration. So if you are venturing barefoot on the beach, donning your wellies for a muddy trek across a field, or tripping the light fantastic in your glass slippers, be sure that your hem is perfect.”

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